Our Consulting Approach

Skills for your success

BB Consult offers qualified consulting in all phases of the software development process. For optimal application of information technology, special emphasis is placed on a holistic approach. Sound know-how of the banking business and its requirements, as well as mastery of relevant technology and methodology, are required to this goal. This know-how to ask the right questions in the early phases of a project enables us to efficiently implement the right solutions.

Agile methods, such as (Service) Design Thinking, are based on a holistic approach, in order to fulfill the banking customer’s requirements for practicable and timely products and services. A structured approach, creativity, and a view from the customer’s perspective are equally important for us in this process.

New system solutions require an integration into the bank’s individual system environment. This environment is often characterized by standard applications, individual solutions and legacy applications on different system platforms (classical mainframe, decentralized systems), with different data models and communication protocols. The implementation of automatic interfaces can account for a major part of the total effort. Also, each interface can present a potential increase in operational risk. Further, there is a risk that due to the complex dependencies and workflows in a trading environment, requirements of secondary users (e.g. trading control, when introducing a new front office trading system) remain unaddressed, but would be mandatory for a successful project completion.

BB Consult therefore develops comprehensive solutions which do not disregard the requirements of the bank as a whole and minimizes or at least optimizes interfaces. With this approach, we want to meet our requirement of efficient, timely and complete system integration.

Project management is consistently aligned with the bank’s business goals. Therefore, the establishment of the necessary interaction of the organizational units for the common business goal is of paramount importance in our task of project management.